Report 3 / 1974


of our PRAKLA-SEISMOS Report is different from all others before insofar as lt contains only one text and only one pictorial report.
At the beginning of 1974, Prof. Dr. Th. Krey read a paper "Modern Aspects in Exploration Seismics" at the "Free University, Berlin (Freie Universität in Berlin)" which gave a general view of the modern developments in applied seismics.
Our company had booths at the exhibitions during the EAEG-meeting '74 in Madrid and the SEG-meeting '74 in Dallas with numerous tables displaying our services. Most of theese tables are represented on the following pages the majority of them serving as reference to the themes of Th. Krey's text. Thus, the paper and the pictorial report complement each other in an excellent manner.
H. J. Körner was responsible for the organization of the two exhibition booths. He will report on the EAEG-meeting in our next issue 4/74.
The Editor

Foto Titelseite:
Our Exhibition-booth at the EAEG Meeting '74 in Madrid

Foto Rückseite:
One display-board from our Exhibition-booth in Madrid

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